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Tree of Life


Tree of Life


Unique piece

Smoke acrylic, metal and fabric.

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Smoke acrylic, metal and fabric.
12 inches height, 8 inches length, 4 inches deep.
Weight: 5 pounds
Hand engraved panel.

Particularities and other information

1) The panel is made of smoked acrylic and is completely hand engraved by the artist.
2) To be installed on the wall and indoors only.
3) The ashes are placed inside the velvet pouch located between the back plate and the panel. The inspiration of this pouch is based upon the paper envelope held together by Velcro.
4) The ashes must be inside a sealed plastic bag before being put into the pouch. Do not poor the ashes directly into the pouch.
5) Other belongings or objects (such as a piece of jewellery) may also be placed inside the pouch as long as the space permits it.
6) The name of the deceased may be engraved on either side of the panel by the artist before shipping.
7) An installation sheet will be provided with artwork.
8) The panel is easy to take off for cleaning purposes. It is simply helps by 4 side screws (can be undone by hand or with the use of a flat head screwdriver)
9) The panel is extremely resistant. Cleaning it holds no restrictions. It can be completely submerged in water with soap. For the back plate and other parts, use a dry, soft cloth. Avoid ammoniac on the metal for lifetime conservation.
10) To maximize the impact and luminosity of the engraving, it would be best to highlight the piece with a spotlight (recessed light, track lighting or others directional lighting source)

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 12 in