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La galerie d’art Gala met son énergie au service de l’art depuis près de trente ans.

Gala art gallery is at the service of art for nearly thirty years. Gala opened its first galery in 1987 in Trois-Rivières and exhibits the great names of Quebec painting especially amond the members of the “Refus Global” and “Les Plasticiens” movements. Gala also received artists internationally renown like Vilallonga and Leonor Fini while bearing great interest in emerging artists.

In 2001, Gala moved to St-Laurent boulevard in Montreal and started building relationships with people of theater, circus and music, transforming openings in happenings. Always on the lookout of changes in society, Gala has decided to release art of the walls of the gallery and started designing and organizing events where it pleases, while continuing its online gallery activities.
Gala can count on a quality team coming from visual arts, literature, media and marketing, always willing to take part enthusiastically in concepts sometimes surprising.


The Gala Art Gallery called on experienced artists who were enthusiastic to express their creativity in the beautiful idea and concept of “staying in the art.” Instead of traditional urns, the concept allows art lovers to acquire true works of art to be enjoyed during their lifetime and to later become one with the art (at the end of their life).

Rester dans l'art

To  fulfill the desire of art lovers to stay in the art, the Gala Art Gallery  created unique pieces of art as artefacts to shelter relics of their soulmates or loved ones within the artefact.